Flycode is a search engine. Find content by user and tags.

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Add a fly Think of a fly as a post. When you have an account you can post to your account. Each post is called a fly.Add a Fly

Search for content Search for content by tags. Search

User Types There are three types of users of Flycode.

The Explorer You're exploring the internet. You use Google for searching. You use Facebook for finding friends. You use Instagram for finding images. You use Flycode to stop searching and start finding.

The Content Creator You love to create content. It's what you do. You create set lists on Spotify to share with your friends. You write restaurant reviews on Yelp. You keep a Rolodex of names and numbers for people you meet at parties. You use Flycode to save the name and social links for things you care about.

The Curator Curators are the backbone of the internet. You see something cool and share it. You tag photos on Instagram. You tag people who might like a post. You can't help but add adjectives to the things you find on Flycode. And then you use the Suggestion feature to share it with someone else.

These are some of the features of Flycode.

Add a Fly A fly is a post. It can be as simple as a word. Users also like to add song titles, band names, recipe titles, people, restaurant names, anything that has a link to a website, anyone with a social media presence. Try it now.Add a Fly

Search for Flies It's a simple concept to search. Flycode takes it to the next level in an elegant way. You can search for flies by using tags. The results will match the tags you use. Or you can search for flies in a user's account. This will show all of the flies in their account. But the best part is that you can search for flies by tags within a user's account. Search

Save a Fly As a logged in user you can save any fly to your account. Once it's in your account you can edit the details to make it your own. You can change the URL, add a description, and personalize the tags. You can even make it private or stealable.

Suggest a Fly As a logged in user you can suggest a fly to another Flycode user. They will see shared flies and have the option to save them to their account.Suggestions

Steal a Fly As a logged in user you can steal a fly from someone else's account. A user can decide if they want to make a fly stealable. Once it's stealable then it's game on!

Explore Anyone can explore Flycode content. Not sure what to look for? There are prepopulated fields to get you started. Each one has a username and tags that may be interesting. Search for those and give it a go.

Flycode is Walter's project. He's been playing with the concept since before the iPhone came out. After years of trying to figure out what problem he's solving with Flycode he's decided to just make it available for people and see what happens. Hobbies for the win!

The Flycode application was developed by Pawan. You can find his social media links on Flycode at